Sunday, November 16, 2014

The race is done...

The City to Sea 15k is done. In the bag. All wrapped up. And I am pleased to say it was a ripper.

Not once did we grizzle when the rain did not let up.

No complaining about being cold while we waited.

And no whinging about distance, soreness or being wet.

Our throw away ponchos and op shop finds were discarded at the last minute and did a fabulous job of keeping us mostly dry. The rain decided to stop at 820am when the gun went off. The race was run under damp and overcast condition with about 9000 runners who were not put off by the weather.

For the first time in 30 races Running Buddy and I had to make a pit stop at the half way porta potties. There would be no holding on. So we paused our timers and 'used the facilities'.

The course was really nice and we all ran really well. I was very happy with the 1:34 time and feel much better about this years event. A coffee in Fitzroy St and a tram ride back to the city car park finished off a great morning. During the car ride home we analysed every km, the highlights and the amusing sights. These girls are such a boost to me and I love doing these events with them. I might even buckle and do the half marathon on 7th December. I will have to forego the tennis 'Club Championships' and the MRA Toy Run to do so. Even today's event clashed with the Eureka Stair Climb and a Color Run at Flemington. I would highly recommend doing a colour run once in your life. It's a great experience and you don't need to be physically fit to participate. The stair climb on the other hand seems very daunting and difficult.

I learned today that wet running pants are very hard to pull up in the confines of a porta loo when you are in a hurry...

Friday, November 14, 2014

City 2 sea...

This is our next event, the City2Sea and as you can see its just 1 day away. I have been looking at the forecast each day and was happy a few days ago when the bureau said it was going to be 24 degrees. But each day it has deteriorated from cloudy to showery to rain.
We did this race last year and being close to the half marathon I thought I would be easily able to pull off the 15km but I really struggled. I still find some days and distances are tough.
This year we have kept up the training so we can finish strong. It's a lovely course from the MCG down to St Kilda and a very popular event.

We have been very lucky not to have had to run in rain very often and are perhaps a bit spoiled having great conditions for our events.

90% chance of the morning...

I was thumbing through my race folder and counted up the bibs. Sunday's event will be my 30th race. That's an average of 8 per year since I started. Not what I expected when I took up running.

I just have to remember this

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Holidays are over...

Back to work this week and the 3 days have been busy. Busy catching up, busy clinically and then a forum to attend in the city on Friday.

I should have known that there would be as many 'what did you do? did you go away?' questions on my return as there were prior.

I felt like a had a long break, it didn't feel rushed and it was as productive as I wanted it to be. Sometimes I feel like making up a lie about an exotic adventure to satisfy those who are aren't satisfied with a 'nothing much' answer. I have added in a 'training for and recovering from the half marathon' answer for some who just cannot comprehend what seems to be a wasted time.

Someone at the forum said if your employer doesn't replace you while you are away then you shouldn't have to catch up on what didn't get done. If it needed to be done someone should have done it. Doesn't really work that way for me and rather than not receiving the 300 emails, it took me 3 hours to wade through and prioritise them. It will take me a couple of weeks to get back to where I was before. The forum didn't help either just gave me lots of ideas for new projects to start on...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Not a running post...

Bored with what is on offer on the TV and having read everything in my feed reader and used up all my lives on Candy Crush I started reading back through my blog posts.

Not bad if I say so myself.

But very heavy on the running posts. Sorry about that. So to change it up a little here is a post

Today being a Public Holiday in Melbourne AND the last day of my leave I played tennis all day.

my new partner
Kath and I partnered up for the first time and battled the heat and the very windy conditions to play 5 sets of good tennis. We had some wins and losses and are a very even match up. It was a lot of fun. we got a second in the sweep and third in the round robin. Kath was very organised and bought us matching tops to wear so we really looked the goods. It was a lovely way to end up my holidays. 

A big shout out to my Running Buddy who celebrates her birthday today. Even though it fell on the public holiday she still had to work and be normal etc. Happiest of birthdays my friend. I hope you always feel like you crossed the finish line in first place.

AND in very exciting news, Hayley has purchased her ticket home!! She will be home for Christmas and will skip winter this year and return for an Australian baking. Much like our Nana used to do, switching between Cairns and Melbourne to avoid the cold. It will be good to have her home and be able to catch up on her news in person.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Who knew...

Who knew today would be such a good day?

Not me.

The weather was not the best...pretty grey and cool and threatening to rain.
The preparation was not the best either...a bit haphazard.

But it all fell into place at the Lara Fun Run, a race I hadn't committed to until the last registration day (Thursday). A race I have done twice before and was not really interested in repeating.

Turns out that set of circumstances produced one of the best runs I have had. Ever. I ran a PB of 58:58 for the 10km. I busted that elusive  60 min barrier. I felt really good the whole way.

Running Buddy made us laugh today as she tried out her 'selfie pole'

and I was just a bit happy with myself

It has been a week of excitements. I have been trying to catch up with Hayley's bestie from the UK. Messages back and forth haven't come to fruition so imagine my surprise when she walked into my Pilates class.

I was even happy with this snap,
we had run 6k up hills in the heat in the afternoon
 and then got bent out of shape in the class

It was almost as good as seeing Hayley herself. Abi has spent more time with Hayley while she has been in the UK and I can see why the two of them have become close.

Much happiness...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

One week later...

...I am recovering well.

I've had a 5km run,  a good stretch at Pilates, 2 sets of mixed doubles on Thursday night, a good cardio session on Friday and another 4 sets of tennis today.

Perhaps not the relaxing post half marathon recovery week but not having to work has really helped. We have had the debrief hash out about how we could do better/different next time. time. And we have planned out the next few weeks events, the next long run being City to Sea in November (15k)

This week I also learned that Suze broke her arm when she fell at tennis last week (that's 2 for 2 now) and Emma suffered a meniscus tear. l learned my  pilates instructor is expecting her first baby. And I found out my eyesight has deteriorated some more so need glasses for long and short distance focus. I didn't need a test to know that, but snazzy new glasses to wear most of the time should take the edge off. I met up with Hayley's 'UK Abi' when she had a shift at Baby Black but work kept us from having a proper catch up.

Half way through my holidays and it has been mighty fine.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

It's done...

the much anticipated half marathon is finished. All done and dusted for the year. Perhaps I should wait a day or two before posting this race report because right now I'm not sure how I feel about it. Except spent.

Thankyou random stranger for taking our picture
It was a beautiful morning as we waited for our 8am start. We set off from the MCG down St Kilda Rd, around Albert Park Lake and back to the 'G. We couldn't go in this year as they are resurfacing for the cricket season so finished behind the ground. We got a buzz as we saw the leaders of the full marathon heading back down St Kilda Rd for their super quick times.

Dominic Pius ONDORO finished in 2:11:30 to take first place and Nikki CHAPPLE led the ladies with 2:31:04. My time was very similar to Nikki's except she ran twice as far. Makes sense then that she, as a champion, runs twice as fast as well.

Waiting at the finish line was young Joel, the son of my colleague, who was doing a project about marathon running and we were as close as he could get to a real life runner. Bless him. He came to cheer us on.

Just sharing some sweat with Joel
 His message to us last night was "I hope you win"
Well we did win, just by finishing.

After some rehydration we wandering into the race expo to check out the gear. As a sport, technically all you need is runners, BUT there is a goldmine of merchandising to be had to make you faster, better and poorer. We wandered aimlessly in the end, not able to get our brains to function past...I'm glad that's over.

The bib is filed in the folder, the medal hung with pride, this week I will rest and recover so we can take on the next challenge.

Friday, October 10, 2014


It has been a lovely few days.

Taper week means winding down the training, doing some light workouts and being mentally prepared for the big day.


 I have run a little, including a trip into the city where I ran around the Tan,  past The Shrine,
to the MCG where I picked up our race packets and sponsors bags.

I have scrapped a little and got some prints done on line at Social Print Studio, so have lots more fodder for projects. These 5 x 5" prints are a nice quality. they are mainly Hayley's friends taken off Instagram and will be nice in her album.

The weather has been gorgeous and the promised 'red moon' was a fizzer in our backyard.

Oh and I had a low key birthday...nice and quiet

Chris's mother has moved back to Victoria, her failing health meant she was not managing in Hobart. We will visit tomorrow and check out the situation, stay tuned for the ever changing story.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Please don't ask...

"What are you doing on your holiday?'

I have started four weeks long service leave. I had a big chunk to dip into, a whole 23 weeks. So I have indulged myself and taken some off to do...not much. I have been asked continually what I am doing during my break, 4 weeks is quite a long time to take and my answer seemed inadequate, non deserving of the allocated time.

I don't have any trips planned. As much as I would love to see Hayley in the UK, we don't have the dosh to spend on a holiday like that. It's an expensive, long journey and I would want to see parts of Europe and the UK and she is tethered to Ipswich during the week with her full time job. If I were to go on my own to see her, the logistics of leaving family/Erin in school etc would be horrendous. I will see Hayley soon enough and she keeps me up to date with her adventures.

I don't have any big renovation or spring cleaning plans either. I might get some gardening done or clean out the linen cupboard or pantry but I might not either. My only real goal is to be prepared for the Marathon next Sunday.

I might take more photos, I might blog more often, I might do some scrapping. I might do a bit of baking for my family, I might catch up with friends. I'm not making any ambitious plans. Previously I would have put all manner of goals and achievements on myself. Not this time.

This time is going to be a breather, a regrouping time just for me. I was reading an article about a stay at home Moms perspective once all the kids are at school and how she is constantly asked what she does with her time during school hours. I liked this passage...

What kind of value do we place on a day with nothing planned? On a day not filled with lists of accomplishments, but with peace and quiet: a long walk to a coffee shop to enjoy a book, a phone conversation with a family member whom we've lost touch. Will we tell those stories, or leave them out? There is value in both the busy days and the slow, reflective ones. There is value in finding time for oneself.

This is what comes up if you Google 'relaxing'

So that is what I am doing on my leave, a little bit of this or that, maybe nothing, maybe a lot. I will go back to work knowing I have had this time for myself.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Just 7 days left...

The hay is in the barn.

Or as much hay as I can get in that 'ol barn. The work has been done and now we get to taper, have a light week and to try not to stress about what we should have done.

We will be OK.