Sunday, November 15, 2015

Run, run,run...

The weekend had some running in it of course, not the City 2 Sea or Run from hills formal kind of running but very satisfying running.

Early on Saturday morning was Parkrun and the encouragement of pacers

My plan  was to stay ahead of this tall girl with the 30 min bib

I was able to stay ahead of Carly and run a PB. I wanted to have a number with a 29 in front of it and Carly's voice was behind me saying 'don't let me catch you Jo-Anne' and I managed to stay ahead and laughed out loud when I saw the times...28:59!! Just have to keep that up now.

I wanted to keep up with this guy but had no hope

Parkrun is such a good event. It is run by a great bunch of volunteers. It's timed. It's free. There is loads of encouragement for all, whether young or old, new runner or not, running with a dog or pushing a pram or even if you can't run a step but want to work towards that goal. And being a global organisation means you can run in other states or even overseas.

As you can tell, I am a big fan.

By attending Parkrun and talking to other runners I was able to join a local running group. This group organises informal runs and meets up at various places by putting out a call on facebook. I answered such a call and ran with a small group in the Gorge this morning.

This run was billed as an 'easy 5k trail run'. Trail running is not my first choice but thought I would give it another try as it was good chance to try with a welcoming group.
We set out at 9 on a perfect morning, I've walked this track many times but running it required a lot of concentration. The pace was good and though I felt as though I was holding the group back they never let on, even stopping at times to look at a wombat or goat. Luckily no snakes this morning.

great spotting Tom
I was too busy looking at my feet to admire any scenery

cooling off post run
Trail running is a bit like hill running for me...I have to convince myself I like it. I know it is good for me and I just have to embrace it. Although the run was hard I enjoyed the challenge and getting to run with these nice people.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Highs and lows...

since my plan to get my running mojo back on track has been in place the strategies have been working well. Setting some goals, volunteering and the improvement in the weather has worked well. My runs have felt good. Until last Sunday when  we did the second race in the Spring into Shape series and it was hard. Running Buddy and I both struggled with the 10k course and hot morning posting dismal times and feeling wretched at the end. RB had crossed before me and was there to greet me as I crossed the finish line. Our embrace lasted longer than usual as I needed her support to stop from collapsing.

Some runs are hard.

2 runs since then put things into perspective and showed us one bad day is not the end.

I am stronger than my excuses...sometimes

Monday, October 26, 2015

The last day...

Erin had her last day of school, traditionally called Muck Up day has now turned into a more sedate, prankless fun day

the last walk
 They dressed up

 and said goodbye to their teachers
and to each other.

Because exams are yet to come the realisation of the finality hasn't hit yet.

After a relaxed morning they were sent home to prepare for the Valedictory Dinner. They swapped dress ups for formal wear and we headed into the city.

with the aptly named Mr Love, favourite teacher

Cheers to you Erin!

The evening was very nice with good food, some speeches and presentations, finished off with a little dancing. School is over. Fees are done. A new chapter begins.

The Melbourne Marathon...

One day this report will be a race report about my experience of running a full marathon and hopefully it will be a triumphant one reporting an achievable time.

This report is of my experience of volunteering at a drinks station, providing much needed fluid replacement to those who had finished their 42km run.

This happy group were kept very busy handing out water and electrolyte solution to the thousands that had participated. The elite athletes that came in first were ushered over to a VIP area, then we had the rush come through between 3-4 hours after the start gun.
 We were slammed, barely able to keep up with the demand, filling garbage bin sized buckets with fluids continuously. In the beginning we had neatly poured with a jug several thousand cups but as the rush came we were dipping the cups straight from the bucket and only just kept up.
After the 5 hour mark the line dwindled to a trickle and those runners looks more and more exhausted. More training perhaps would give them a better result in better condition. But they can all still call themselves marathoners and have the medal to prove it,
It was a good experience and we had some laughs. The Cerebral Palsy Education Centre who coordinated the 1500 volunteers did a great job and I hope they were able to get some benefit from providing this service. The runners were all very grateful and thankful which was nice. From my perspective volunteering had done what I wanted it to do. I felt like I had contributed, I am inspired by the participants and am renewed in my enthusiasm to run.

 I want to be back on the other side of the drinks table.

Run Ballarat...

I knew I wasn't ready for a half marathon and a long way off the full marathon so decided to do a 12km run with Mel in Ballarat.
Fundraising for the the Ballarat Children's Ward, running through the streets of Ballarat and around Lake Wendouree had much more appeal.

I felt ready to do this run but still found the hilly course a challenge. The last 2 kms around the lake were tough for me.

run ballarat course

It was lovely to be out in the sunshine, doing some physical activity, supporting a good cause.

I recently had a 7 day trial pass at a Fernwood Gym. I tried out some classes and was shown the equipment. It confirmed for me what I thought and that is I'm not a gym person. I like to do the physical activities I enjoy and don't want to feel I have to to justify the cost. I'll stick to running, tennis, cardio tennis sessions and try to find a casual pilates/yoga teacher.

Then I know I will keep it up.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

My running plan...

My plan to get back on track is working. The first step was to have a plan and then to begin.

Yesterday was Parkrun and a sub 30 time

A nice sunny morning to get you in the mood and no swooping!

Today was the first of the Spring into Shape series in Melbourne, 10km along the Yarra River. Running Buddy and I ran 1:03. Pretty happy with that. A really great morning  and we got some samples of magnesium powder and a new singlet. Can't complain about that.

Without any prior consultation RB and I turned up in the same singlet AGAIN!

I am planning to do Run Ballarat and the next 2 in the Spring series and volunteer at the Marathon. it certainly helps that the sun is shining again, my mood has lifted with the rising of the temperature.

I think that will have me on back on the straight and narrow again

Friday, September 25, 2015

Post run blues...

I think I have this thing.

I have felt a bit flat and took myself off to have thyroid, iron and hormones tested, turns out the results are all normal. I've been trying to train but the cold weather is all the excuse I need not to get out and run. Then I came across this article... post run blues.

It identifies how I've been feeling since the high of our trip to Sydney for the City 2 Surf. I've read all the tips and now I need to set another goal to work towards. I have also put my name down to volunteer at the Melbourne Marathon, if I can't run in it I can still be involved as they suggest.

Helping out at Parkrun has been good and I'm heading off to try to get a PB in the morning

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Good news...

Good news for me! My little car has been approved for repairs so will be back on the road soon.

Thank you to Hayley for catching the train and letting me pay the rego & insurance for the Barina for another year.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Me vs Skippy...

Dusk and dawn are the times when kangaroos move around the most.
I know this.
And yet I was burtling along a country road at dusk, a trip I had made hundreds of times before,not thinking about this fact.
But last Friday I was on the road at the exact time a kangaroo was hopping along and I hit it.
I was travelling at 100kms/hour, my cruise control set as the road is also known for highway patrol in marked/unmarked cars and speed cameras.
I didn't see him until it was too late, it just appeared in front of me. Too late to brake. Too late to avoid. Too late to do anything but swear and bang straight into it.
I was shocked but I pulled over. The darkness had set in and I couldn't see the roo. All I could see was the crumpled front of my little car.
With shaky hands I tried to call Chris. No phone reception in this spot. He couldn't have done much at that point as he was still at work, but I wanted someone to know I HAD HIT A ROO!
So what to do. I thought I'm stuck here & unless I flag down a car I'm on my own. I wasn't hurt, the engine was still running, no fluids escaping, one bulb still lit. So I straightened the light so it was pointing forward and drove on to get phone reception. Not really road worthy. Not at all really, but I just wanted to get out of there and get home. I was on my way to get Erin from Liams so I drove all the way thinking at any time I might conk out. I made it to Liam's and his father had a look and his Mum offered condolences.
see the kangaroo imprint on the bonnet
 It may not look like much and it is all panel damage but the quote is still $3,300! The only bit damaged under the bonnet is the battery.

I was curious about the kangaroo so we went back in the daylight to see if we could find it. Chris wondered if we would be able to tell if I had been the one to knock it down. We found it alright and there was no doubt as there were bits of my car surrounding it. Its own momentum and my hit pushed it about 20 metres off the road and pointing in the opposite direction to that which it was heading on that night.

this whopper owes me big time
No doubt that it died straight away, no suffering past the impact.
It could have been worse, I could've been hurt or trapped or my car completely undrivable.

Just waiting for the insurer to decide whether I can have my car on the road again. I really want to have it fixed, its been a great car and runs so well.

The irony of driving towards Hoppers Crossing is not lost on me either,

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Erin's birthday...

In June the youngest of our 3 offspring celebrated a milestone.

Erin turned 18!!

She had a small party to celebrate with her friends, again outside beside the gas heater with much laughter and some consumption of alcohol.

No one got out of hand so it was a success from my point of view, she may not agree.

I also wanted to recreate one of my favourite photos. Seemed a simple request but was a challenge to achieve.

Erin just a few days old 

18 years later & Chris still wearing that jumper.

Welcome to adulthood darling girl, finishing school and getting your drivers licence still a way off yet.